The ‘Barbie’ Movie: Everything People Think They Know So Far

The world got a sneak peep at the babes of toyland—plus Margot Robbie—as shooting on “Barbie” rolled across L.A. this week

Rollerblading on a sunny day in Venice Beach. Shiny, bright pink Western wear. And…Michael Cera?

Apparently, the intersection of all three is Barbie.

Slated for release on July 21, 2023, Barbie is directed by critically acclaimed Little Women (2019) director Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the script with partner Noah Baumbach. The film will star Margot Robbie in the titular role, with Hari Nef and Issa Rae also playing versions of the illustrious doll. Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, and Ncuti Gatwa are all lined up to play variants of Barbie’s famed boyfriend, Ken. And yes, Michael Cera will be in there somewhere, People reports. His role has yet to be announced.

The plot of the film has largely been kept under wraps but, according to Vogue UK, the main storyline will follow a doll exiled from Barbieland due to her imperfections. The past week has treated fans and critics alike to a slew of updates about the film, and social media users are trying to put the pieces together.

Wheelin’ around
On Monday, many of the film’s characters were spotted rollerblading on the Venice Beach bike path. Robbie’s Barbie and Gosling’s Ken were among the most notable, but they were far from alone. Superstore star America Ferrera and Robbie glided along the iconic path while holding hands, and the crew filmed Will Ferrell rollerblading in a suit complete with a pink shirt and tie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ferrell’s character is said to be the CEO of a toy company.

At the moment, it’s a bit fuzzy how all this rollerblading is going to fit into the plot. But fans are into it, tweeting an assortment of praises for the concept.

Show-stopping costumes
Jacqueline Durran already has two Oscars, and a third may very well be on its way. The costume designer, who previously worked with Gerwig on Little Women, is in charge of Barbie’s very enviable wardrobe. And recently, a few of her masterpieces were revealed.

Photos of Robbie and Gosling in Western-style garb have begun circulating online. Of course, for Barbie the entire outfit was hot pink. Sporting a matching set of wide-leg pants and a button-up vest, both adorned with shiny stars, Robbie emulated Barbie’s lavish looks to a tee. As a complement to Robbie, Gosling’s get-up was black and white, with a pink scarf to tie the two together.

But perhaps no costume has made as big of a splash as Robbie and Gosling’s rollerblading extravaganzas. The fabric is full of swirls of neon, and electric yellow knee pads top off the look. Some are speculating that the costumes pay a nod to the Hot Skatin’ Barbie doll of the mid 1990s.

The voice of an icon
During the Venice Beach shoot on Monday, fans and paparazzi filmed Robbie acting out a scene in which she speaks to Ferrera. And her voice? It’s just about as Barbie-esque as you can imagine. Though the snippet lacks any context as to its placement in the film, Robbie poses the question, “Ready for fun?” to Ferrera. When Ferrera responds positively, Robbie gleefully lets out a “Yay!” that’s about as sparkly as speech could, or should, ever get. It’s like Robbie’s voice was taken straight from any one of the animated Barbie films that have been released since the early 2000s.

But Barbie’s not the only star of the show. Another clip shows Gosling screaming in response to Robbie’s character punching a man so hard he crumbles to the ground (of course, Barbie only threw the punch because the man grabbed her backside). And if you thought the high-pitched yell almost sounded like it should be Barbie’s—well, you’re probably not alone.

Although some Twitter users are unhappy with the amount of leaks the past few days have offered up (no spoilers, please!), others are on the edge of their seats for more. Yet, regardless of where you stand, there’s still a lot of waiting to do: the film’s release is still more than a year away. But what would Barbie say to impatient fans unsure if they can wait?

“You can do anything!”

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