The Afternoon Cram


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Mother Jones: Obama Worth Less Than $51,000 In “Crock Attack Insurance”
The president’s life, which will be covered by a special insurance policy while he visits Australia this week, is worth about 47,000 cans of Foster’s Beer.

LA Observed: Feniger and Milliken the subject of an ABC sitcom
It’ll be a scripted show about a time when there weren’t many chefs on unscripted shows. 

LA Times: Ricky Gervais back on board to host Golden Globes
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association doesn’t know how to quit him. 

LA Times: Cal State trustees vote to raise tuition by 9% for 2012
Students, faculty, and labor groups are 100% pissed.

NBC LA: Charles Manson’s Top Deputy Denied Parole
Manson Family member and convicted murderer Tex Watson was denied parole today. Read our oral history of the Manson Murders here.

Photograph courtesy NBC