Beloved, Taxidermied Dog Stolen From Parked Car in Commerce

CC, a 3-pound chihuahua who died over a year ago, was preserved by a shop in Burbank, and then stolen en route back to San Diego

A San Diego couple is experiencing another, unexpected stage of grief in the wake of losing their pet chihuahua, CC, for a second time on the way home from a Burbank taxidermy shop.

As KTLA reports, the beloved, dried-and-stuffed remains of the canine were stolen from a vehicle in Commerce, southeast of Los Angeles County, Saturdays, along with a laptop and other electronics.

Ron Cenko said he and his wife drove up to Bischoff’s Taxidermy in Burbank to pick up the immortalized version of the pet, who died in June of 2021. Cenko placed a sealed box with CC in the back seat, then dropped off his wife at a nearby hotel for an event, before embarking on the drive back to San Diego.

Cenko next pulled over in Commerce to use the restroom at a restaurant on the 5100 block of Triggs Street, then got back in, and continued on his way. It wasn’t until he was in the Carlsbad area that he realized the box with the late chihuahua was missing.

Cenko filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, contacted the restaurant he stopped at as well as another nearby business for security footage, but hopes someone in the L.A. area will return the remains of his family’s adored pet.

“I know it’s a long shot, but she was a very sweet, dear little girl and part of our life,” Cenko told KTLA. “I hope in the City of Angels there is an angel out there that can help us.”

He added, “Please reach into your heart and think about the pain that we are both feeling, losing our little girl yet one more time.”

Anyone with information is advised to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department East L.A. station at 323-264-4151.

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