Violence Broke Out at a Local Target When Men Entered Without Masks

The men allegedly started a brawl when security asked them to wear masks inside the store

A pair of brothers, Phillip Hamilton and Paul Hamilton, have been arrested on felony battery charges after allegedly starting a brawl inside a Van Nuys Target store. The altercation appears to have been sparked by the Hamiltons’ refusal to wear face coverings while shopping.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the brothers entered the store without wearing face coverings. The coverings are required when going into stores in Los Angeles County, and Target is encouraging their use at stores nationwide.

When confronted about their lack of masks by store security officers, police say the brothers responded with violence. On video footage, it appears the brothers punch a guard, throw him to the ground, and continue punching. Additional security staff and customers attempt to intervene.

The security guard who was the first to respond to the incident had to be hospitalized, suffering a broken arm. Bail for the brothers has been set at $50,000 each.


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