Take a Ride on the Expo, Gold Line Extensions


For a myriad of factors including traffic, convenience, and the environment, Angelenos are waiting with bated breath for the extensions of the Expo and Gold light rail lines. Both projects are over 80 percent complete and on track to open in late 2015 or early 2016.

For anyone living on the Westside—the Expo extension traverses West L.A. as it makes its way from Culver City to Santa Monica—the line is visible thanks to its numerous elevated stations and bridges. Progress on the Gold Line extension is evident along the 11.5-mile route from East Pasadena to Azusa, with stations dotting the San Gabriel Valley. But no one has been able to get as close a look at these mega-projects than the folks who shot these following videos. An LA Weekly drone recently flew along Expo’s new route, capturing beautiful overhead shots of the 6.6-mile extension. Meanwhile, a testing truck on the Gold Line recorded a crystal-clear view of the route. Check out the videos below and try not to get excited.

Drones Over Expo Line from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.