Take Los Angeles Magazine’s “Better Off Ped” Challenge

We’re starting a walk-local movement to help Angelenos become healthier, wealthier, and happier. Here’s how you can join.

While looking for ways to help readers lower the cost of living in Los Angeles with our “How to Afford L.A.” April cover story, we stumbled upon one wallet-friendly idea that does more than save money, from helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions to drumming up business for local companies, not to mention for losing weight.

The idea is this: Make it a rule not to drive anywhere within two miles of your house. 

We asked L.A. writer Alissa Walker to tick off the ways in which going car-free has improved her life, and the list includes having more time to read books and answer e-mails and not having to squeeze in traditional workouts. Los Angeles has a ways to go when it comes to infrastructure, but deciding to get around on foot or public transit for local trips could lead to future improvements to the system—and could be the first step to a healthier, happier, wealthier lifestyle for you.

Inspired to swap your car keys for sneakers when you’re headed somewhere close to home? Pledge to take our Better Off Ped Challenge at change.org, move your most comfortable shoes to the front of your closet, use the hashtag #BetterOffPed to connect on Twitter with other Angelenos changing their transportation habits, and hit the streets. We’ll see you there.

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