A Man Went Swimming in the Silver Lake Reservoir–and Came Out to Hypothermia and Handcuffs

It’s the second time this year someone has taken a dip in the off-limits reservoir

On Tuesday a man decided that swimming in Silver Lake Reservoir seemed like a good idea even though the body of water is off-limits to the public, and continued after police and fire officials arrived on the scene. When he eventually emerged, the man was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody by Los Angeles Police Department officers who also reported that he appeared to be suffering hypothermia.

It’s not clear why he ended up in the reservoir, but onlookers reported that the swimmer was visibly distraught when he got out.

“One of the LAPD officers stood up on the fence nearest where the man was treading water and said, ‘Hey, dude! Are you OK?,'” witness Sandy Driscoll told the Eastsider. “A few minutes later, he swam to the side and got out of the water. […] The man went down to his knees and started crying.”

This is the second mysterious dip taken in the reservoir so far this year. In January a woman went swimming and made it to around the middle of the lake before requiring rescue by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Silver Lake Reservoir is mostly decorative this days; it doesn’t provide drinking water due to federal rules that prohibit open-air reservoirs being used for that purpose. In the past some neighborhood activists have attempted to make it a swimmable public facility.

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