Surprise Fans of Marvin Hamlisch? Radiohead


Late composer Marvin Hamlisch worked with the greats, from writing for Barbara Streisand to mastering Scott Joplin, but one legendary performer counts himself as one of Hamlisch’s biggest—and most unexpected—fans: Thom Yorke who once described “Nobody Does It Better” as “the sexiest song that was ever written.” Radiohead’s cover of the Carly Simon classic from the opening credits of The Spy Who Loved Me is as goosebumpy as the original and the live version of the tune (which was never available on any album) went on to become a beloved bootleg for fans of the band. Yorke and Co. later performed a more polished version for European MTV (below), which is worth a listen as we remember Hamlisch and appreciate his far-reaching legacy. 

Photograph courtesy Wikipedia