STUMPED: Meet City Attorney Hopeful Noel Weiss

The latest in our series of user-friendly profiles on the local candidates running for office

On background: A graduate of UC Berkley, Weiss completed his law doctorate at Loyola University of Los Angeles in 1976 and has been practicing real estate, environmental, and corporate law in our city ever since.  He is passionate about advocating for landowners; some of his more notable achievements include pressing the Housing Department to notify tenants in rent-controlled buildings of collectable relocation funds and playing an active role in getting the TOPA act (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act) added to the most recent edition of L.A.’s Housing Plan.

Current platform: If elected, Weiss claims he’ll take power from the City Council and put it into the hands of the broader public.  It is his ultimate goal to ensure that the government system will work on behalf of the people, not in the interests of those few who are in power.

Campaign slogan: “A Better Way to Govern L.A.”

In his corner: We were unable to confirm any public endorsements at this time.

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