L.A. Set to Cut Street Sweeping in Half: Here’s How to Know When You Need to Move Your Car

The city is launching an online system to alert residents which weeks they will still be subject to ticketing, and when they can relax

Los Angeles is cutting back on weekly street sweeping services, which means that Angelenos who park along the city’s more than 4,700 “curb miles” will soon catch a bit of a break. Areas that previously had weekly street sweeping (and, thus, weekly $73 tickets for parking on the wrong side) will now switch to sweeping and enforcement only every other week.

But, as with so many things, there is a bit of a trick. The city is not planning to change posted signage to reflect which weeks are “on” versus “off” for any given block, leaving it up to residents to figure out when and where they can legally park.

To determine if your street is now to be swept on first and third weeks or second and fourth weeks, the city has launched an interactive map tool. Plug in addresses of places you typically park, and the map will offer the updated schedule. The system also allows residents to sign up to receive emails with reminders about sweeping dates; text message reminders are in the works, but not yet available.

The cutbacks in street sweeping services are part of a broader belt-tightening due to a city budget crises brought about at least in part by the pandemic. In particular, Streets L.A. notes in a statement about the new policy that it is currently experiencing “staff shortages,” some of which may be attributed to recent city employee buyout deals. The Los Angeles Times reports that around 10 percent of all Bureau of Street Services employees accepted a recent buyout offer.

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