Stop Requested! Six Places We Hope Rick Caruso’s Proposed West Hollywood Trolley System Takes Us


Rick Caruso is thinking characteristically big. Last week, the billionaire developer behind the Grove revealed plans to extend the trolley line that runs through the outdoor shopping mall. Should his plan succeed, the green-and-white rail cars will make a two-mile loop down Third Street to the Beverly Center, and down Fairfax to LACMA.

Though the idea has garnered support from some, many are concerned that a rail-line may worsen traffic on already congested roads. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has also noted that the project would require traffic studies, environmental reviews, and other steps before it can be approved.

In other words, Caruso will have to jump through many hoops before this vision can become a reality. Since hoop jumping happens to be a Caruso specialty, we’ve gone ahead and put together a wish list of potential trolley stops. Here’s what we came up with:

Le Labo
A pit stop at Le Labo, the exquisite French fragrance “lab” for my favorite scent, Iris 39. Public transpo never smelled so good.

City Target
I haven’t been to City Target yet and you know why? Because parking is a hair-pulling nightmare. A trolley would make this dream come true.

Roger Room
Is it cocktail time already? Let’s take a quick right on La Cienega and hit the Roger Room for a 5 p.m. quaff at my favorite bar in L.A. My drink of choice? ‘Death in the Afternoon’ of course…
Nancy Miller, deputy editor

Johnie’s Coffee Shop
Cruising past the scintillating electric roofline of Johnie’s Coffee Shop up close in a double decker trolley could make me apoplectic, but a touch of Rick Caruso’s magic wand could be just the thing to restore the forlorn but electrifying googie landmark.
Chris Nichols, associate editor

Bao Dim Sum House
Easy pick. It’s hard to imagine not popping over to the Farmers Market for a bite if I’m visiting the Grove, but Bao Dim Sum House’s happy hour specials—not to mention their milk bun dessert—could get me on a trolley any day of the week.
Shayna Rose Arnold, online content manager

Son of a Gun
God forbid I have to walk off chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s fried chicken sandwich. Or the shrimp toast. Or the pimento cheese dip. Maybe this trolley is a bad idea…
Lesley Suter, dining editor

Joan’s on Third
Forget about their dizzying selection of marketplace goodies: the Chinese chicken salad alone warrants a trolley stop. Throw in a piece of their chocolate cake and I’ll brave crosstown traffic.
Annelise Alexander, web intern

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