Steve Soboroff’s New Beat: Improving the LAPD’s Image

A Q&A with the president of the Los Angeles Police Commission

Illustration by Nigel Buchanan

He’s run for mayor, worked for the Dodgers, and now has a job title straight out of Gotham. “When people try and figure out what I do, they think of Commissioner Gordon—that’s the only police commissioner they know.” His latest plan is to put a camera on every cop. “On-body cameras are the fastest way to the truth, which will either set you free or throw you in jail. They’ll save L.A. millions in litigation costs. They’re not just going to record what’s going on; they’re going to keep things from happening. If complaints about officers go down by 20 percent, it would be gigantic.” Thanks to a few Hollywood friends, the $1 million, two-year tech pilot program won’t cost taxpayers a dime. “I called Jeffrey Katzenberg to ask about strategy, and he said he’d donate. We exceeded the goal in 51 days.” His next gig? Matchmaker. “People always ask me to set them up with a cop. The underlying thought is, ‘I like police officers!’ That’s what we want.”