Steve Carell Wants You to Stop Wasting Water

The actor lends his voice to a new PSA starring L.A.’s unofficial drought mascot: The Drop

If you can’t be a grown up and save water simply because it’s the right thing to do four years into a crippling drought, then Eric Garcetti is going to shame you into it. It was in this spirit that a special ad campaign was born, one presenting The Drop (an illustrated water droplet that silently begs for your conservation cooperation with its wonked out googly eyes). But the mayor didn’t stop there. Today he dropped (ha!) a new PSA starring our blue buddy and featuring the smooth voice over stylings of actor Steve Carell and music from DJ-slash-L.A. super fan Moby. If static posters weren’t getting you, surely a forlorn, animated Drop will. Watch below, then do your part—do it for The Drop!

Water in L.A.