Leaked Emails Indicate that Stephen Miller Propped Up Nationalist Ideology

A new report offers insight into the Trump advisor and SAMOHI graduate’s role in shaping right-wing media coverage

As Trump’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller has also moonlighted as an informal editorial adviser to alt-right website Breitbart, sending its editors links to white nationalist websites, sharing racist literature, and helping direct its news coverage in ways that often predicted national policy, especially on immigration, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch.

Miller has trafficked in nationalist rhetoric since he was a student at Santa Monica High School in the early 2000s. Now, a trove of over 900 emails leaked by former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh—who was fired in 2017 for a series of anti-Muslim tweets and has since denounced the far right—spanning Miller’s final days as an aide to then-Senator Jeff Sessions in 2015 through his early days at the White House in 2016 offer some insight into his thought processes.

In October 2015, Miller warned McHugh that Hurricane Patricia would drive a massive wave of Mexican immigrants across the border seeking temporary protected status (TPS): “And they will all get TPS. And all the ones here will get TPS too. That needs to be the weekend’s BIG story. TPS is everything.”

When McHugh asks if there’s a precedent for such an event, Miller sends her a link to an article on the anti-immigration website VDARE by race science promoter Steve Sailer, which McHugh published that day.

Miller’s emails also show that he’s fascinated by the racist French novel Camp of the Saints, in which a flotilla of Indian refugees rape and murder their way through the white people of France, recommending it several times. While it was virtually unknown since its 1973 publication, sites like VDARE and white nationalist American Renaissance have made it a cult favorite among racists.

In an exchange on declining SAT scores, in which Miller points to an article on Vox.com suggesting it’s due in part to “poor and nonwhite students,” Miller suddenly offers, “Also, you see the Pope saying west must, in effect, get rid of borders. Someone should point out the parallels to Camp of the Saints.”

The article “‘Camp of the Saints’ Seen Mirrored in Pope’s Message” appeared 18 days later.

Miller was also shaken up when Amazon and other retailers removed Confederate flags from their sites after Dylann Roof gunned down nine black churchgoers in Charleston. “‘22.6 percent of Southern men who were between the ages of 20 and 24 in 1860 lost their lives because of the war,’” he wrote, providing a link to History.com and suggesting that McHugh look into whether Amazon was selling “commie flags.”

Throughout the exchange, Miller returns again and again to immigration, and the idea that non-white people are trying to take over the U.S. In March 2015, he lamented the opening of the Ted Kennedy Center in Boston because Kennedy had helped pass the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act, which abolished race quotas in immigration law. He then assisted McHugh in crafting the story, “Ted Kennedy’s Real Legacy: 50 Years of Ruinous Immigration Law.”

“Just let this sink in,” he wrote. “Kennedy was honored today, fifty years after pushing through this law, and you’re the only writer in the country who published a piece even mentioning the law and what it did.”

In August that year, he floated the idea that immigration should be ended completely for an unspecified number of years. “Like Coolidge did. Kellyanne Conway poll says that is exactly what most Americans want after 40 years of non-stop record arrivals.”

A rep for Breitbart said, in part, “It is no surprise to us that the SPLC opposes news coverage of illegal-immigrant crime and believes such coverage is disproportionate, especially when compared to the rest of the media, which often refuse to cover such crimes.”

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