Step and Repeat: A Movement to Fix the Silver Lake Stairs

138 steps to improving the neighborhood

If you happen to pass by the stair walk near Descanso Drive in Silver Lake this Sunday, don’t let the crowd fool you: the public access route hasn’t become the new Santa Monica Stairs—the Westside’s scene-iest spot for outdoor workouts—overnight. Those people walking up and down the steps are there to pick up trash and other debris that has piled up and made a mess of the area, and they’re doing it because David Heinz, a local resident, has organized a clean up event.

“My neighbors and I would love to see this wonderful Silver Lake landmark revitalized, “ Heinz recently emailed The Eastsider LA. “Some steps have crumbled completely, making navigation of the stairwell difficult.” To fix that problem, Heinz has asked City Council members for additional help in repairing cracks and other issues.

Want to help spruce up the steps? The clean up begins at noon between 3365 Descanso and 3200 Larissa Drive. Volunteers are encouraged to bring trash bags, gloves, rakes, and shovels, but we recommend some water, too; temps are expected to rise slightly over the weekend.

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