When Will Stay-at-Home Be Lifted? L.A. County Lays Out Four Criteria

Reopening L.A.—or at least easing some distancing measures—relies on several factors

After almost two months under the stay-at-home order, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors chair Kathryn Barger announced a four-point plan Friday detailing what it will take to get L.A. to ease physical distancing measures. As ABC 7 reports, the reopening of the county will require the following conditions.

Healthcare capacity

County hospitals will have to be able to care for both patients infected with the coronavirus as well as those in need of more standard medical treatment—this means facilities must demonstrate that they have enough staff, testing equipment, ventilators, and other medical supplies to handle everyday cases, plus any potential surge in the number of COVID-19 patients. 

Ability to protect people who are most at risk

Protections must be in place to ensure that particularly vulnerable communities such as the elderly, homeless, and institutionalized people are not to put in further danger.

Capacity to test, isolate, and quarantine

Barger emphasized the need to be able to continue to “quarantine people and have surveillance to prevent further spread.”

Continued physical distancing

Even after safer-at-home restrictions are lifted, the county will still have to practice physical distancing and other precautions against spreading the infection. To that end, Barger announced that businesses will be given educational materials to ensure they can adhere to health and safety rules.

“We don’t want to undo all the good we’ve done and accomplished so far,” Barger said when revealing the plan. “We are not yet on the other side of this pandemic and we don’t want to prematurely ease restrictions.”

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