Social Media Accounts Every Angeleno Should Follow

Kyle Fitzpatrick’s picks for the most popular platforms

Friends, family, and funny people you don’t actually know in real life are must-haves in any social media feed, but if you’re not also following hyper-local resources, you’re not getting as much out of scrolling as you could be.

To save you the time it takes to scope out the best options, we’re offering up single-serving suggestions for nine social media platforms. Following these accounts is sure to make your L.A. life more plugged in and entertaining—online and off.


Want to know why that cop car is circling your block or how long that helicopter has been hovering about your neighborhood? The omniscient (and anonymous) account eavesdrops on the LAPD via his trusty Uniden BC296, then reports back, providing information about what’s happening in real time—with a wicked sense of humor.


This account’s following may be meager, but its mission—to show the L.A. sky as Angelenos see it—is big. @PalmTreesOfLA is a love letter to fuzzy fronds that’ll cure your homesickness when you’re away.

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Vintage Los Angeles
It’s hard to find another L.A.-focused Facebook page as irresistibly nostalgic as the one founded by fellow CityThink contributor Alison Martino. Vintage Los Angeles offers views of the city from forgotten angles and encourages locals to share their own personal love for Los Angeles history.



If you asked someone to distill what’s being put out from all the online networks devoted to Los Angeles, they’d probably give you tumbLAngeles. The blog provides peeks at what people around town are seeing and sharing plus a constant flow of news.


You wouldn’t expect something so humorous from such a serious, well-respected museum, but LACMA’s Snapchat account puts a local spin on art that’s hysterical. They provide a young, hip, and refreshing presence online which, when you think about it, describes the city perfectly.


Amanda Oleander
She may be a popular pick, but Oleander’s live feed taps into typical Angeleno life—in a good way. Just note that, like most Periscopes, the action can be minimal and boring. Its what it really must feel like to be a fly on the wall.

Amanda Oleander
Amanda Oleander

Photograph courtesy Periscope


NBC Los Angeles
Every successful Viner now lives in Los Angeles and, while the settings may seem familiar, their work is rarely actually about the city. Leave that to NBC. The network shares everything from weather updates to news stories to bits about local TV foibles.


Tom Explores Los Angeles
What began as a class assignment blossomed into one of the most popular local web series. The documentary show follows the adorkable Tom Carroll as he checks out popular and obscure places of note under the very stylish eye of director Derrick DeBlasis. This is must-see Internet TV.


LA Public Library
The LA Times, LA Tourism Board, and the Dodgers pin and pin well, but our Library does it best. Not only will their feed keep you abreast of new offerings from their movie collection but you can also dive into an archive of historical images, old maps, menus, posters, and more. And yes, they’ll help you find something to read.