So Far, Crime in L.A. Is Down 20 Percent This Year

Overall crime is on the decline for the eighth year in a row.

Angelenos can breathe more easily today; crime in L.A. has dropped 20 percent since this time last year.

Newly released statistics from the LAPD show that both the overall crime rate and gang-related crime has decreased for the eighth consecutive year. As of 2012, L.A. had the lowest crime rate in the country for a city with more than two million people.

While last year saw a troubling spike in rape and homicide, statistics show both plunged in the first quarter of 2013. Homicides fell 29 percent and rape cases are down by nearly 42 percent.

During a morning press conference Friday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck credited an increased number of police officers, community policing, and gang prevention programs for these positive results.

In other LAPD-related news, county, city and private donors today announced procedures for the dispersal of the Christopher Dorner reward money. The filing period for claims of the reward starts today and ends April 19.

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