Snapchat Introduces a New Geofilter Feature


On the heels of a recent update that introduced giant timestamp and oversized Emoji overlays, Snapchat is changing things up yet again: the photo-sharing app has just added a new feature called Geofilters, which allow users to superimpose location-based art onto their snaps. Los Angeles is one of two cities to receive the new option (the other being New York).

To unlock these text or graphic layers, swipe right after snapping; The filters available will change depending on the neighborhood or area you’re in. But don’t worry, the company is staying true to its ghostiness: These snap-maps require the use of location services, meaning just like your images, Snapchat won’t be storing any information regarding your wherabouts.  

The album above reveals a few of the places where you can already find Geofilters (with more to come). A great start, to be sure, but Snapchat is being cagey about its plans for prospective spots—from what they told us, though, that is because they don’t want to take all of the fun out of stumbling upon new art (hear, hear!). Here are five places we hope to see Geofilters make an appearance:

Union Station/The Metro
Snap-tracks: proof that you really do use public transit.

The Original Farmer’s Market
So many snap-snacks to send (homemade chocolate! Crepes! Rotisserie chicken!), so little time.

Please, give us something to do while we’re snap-trapped in the security line.

The Rose Bowl
For all of those UCLA Eight-Clap-snaps.

Nick Fouquet’s store in Venice
Snap-hats? Yes please.

All photographs courtesy Snapchat