Single Ladies Study: L.A. Women Are Hard To Get


L.A. women have been called many things—hot, happy, and friendly, casually chic, even action heroes. Now, a social dating network, is adding “unapproachable” to that list.

According to a recent nationwide study conducted by the site, women in L.A. and Houston tied for most difficult-to-reach when approached to chat online.  Women in New York ranked third, with those in Miami only slightly more likely to reply to an online message than New Yorkers.

What makes us so hard to get? Yes, we do wash our hair a lot (achieving a perfectly tousled beachy takes time, fellas!), but as Stacey Grenrock Woods suggests in this column from our October 2011 cover package on The L.A. Woman, helpfully titled “How to Pick Up a Local Lady,” we’re looking for someone who understands us—or at least makes us think they do by complimenting our clothes/dog/taste in literature/talents/appetite. All of which, it is worth pointing out, might be hard to do over Instant Messenger. Call us, maybe?