The Short Stack: The Los Angeles Week in Review, 10/6/14 – 10/10/14



theessentials_masa_tMountain High
Looks like 350,000 or so acres of our big, bold, and beautiful San Gabriels are becoming a national monument. President Obama, who’s in town to shake a tin cup for midterm elections among high-profile Dems, made the announcement today. (Thursday he attended a fund-raiser in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Brentwood backyard.) Earlier in the week VP Biden did his own mini tour here to endorse Mayor Garcetti’s minimum-wage hike.

theessentials_masa_tFeeling Blue
The Dodgers got booted out of the National League West series when they gave up game four to the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday. Clayton Kershaw may be the best pitcher in baseball, but manager Don Mattingly ’s decision to keep him in on three days rest is being questioned. This was not the glorious end we hoped for to a season that had shown so much promise. As for Yasiel Puig: He sat out on the bench.

theessentials_masa_tHigh-Tech Titan
Silicon Beach has more reach than we knew. A new study released this week reveals that Los Angeles County is home to more high-tech sector jobs than Santa Clara County. (Anyone who survives rush hour on the Westside could probably confirm that.) With 368,500 high-tech jobs here, we beat any metro area in the United States.

theessentials_masa_tNFL Redux
Former CEO of AEG Tim Leiweke told us last summer that he felt as if he “let some people down” by not securing an NFL franchise in L.A. during his tenure. This week there was new speculation that we might finally snag a team—ironically it’s the Rams and the Raiders who are rumored for a homecoming. Possible payback for game four, St. Louis.



theessentials_masa_tReal-Time Anger
The Interwebs have been ablaze all week about the debate over Islam that went down on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Actor Ben Affleck worked up a sweat (coulda been the three-piece suit under hot lights) when he called out host Maher and his guest, author Sam Harris, for being “gross” and “racist” in their critique of the religion. Things got almost as heated when contributing writer Claire Hoffman took on Harris in our September issue.

theessentials_masa_tAnother Ride for Freeway Ricky
Journalist Gary Webb wrote a 1990s series for the San Jose Mercury News, in which he made a connection between the CIA and the crack epidemic of South L.A., that was famously maligned by other news organizations, including the Los Angeles Times. The biopic of Webb, Kill the Messenger, opens in theaters today, starring Jeremy Renner as Webb. In his profile of L.A.’s crack king, Freeway Ricky Ross (played in the film by Michael Williams), contributing writer Jesse Katz talked about his own involvement with the Webb story.

theessentials_masa_tSuper Foodie
The transformation of Highland Park charges on: It would be enough if Silver Lake Wine was teaming with catering company Heirloom L.A. for a new venture, but throw Intelligentsia into the mixing bowl and you’ve got a super-foodie complex. (Food halls themselves are an intriguing L.A. dining trend—so British!) The as-yet-unnamed venture is set to open on Figueroa with a coffee shop, wineshop, and Heirloom’s first full-service restaurant.

theessentials_masa_tLady Ghostbusters
Three future projects with buzz this week: David Lynch and Paul Feig took to Twitter to announce two retro-inspired projects—Lynch is bringing back Twin Peaks (as a Showtime series), and Feig revealed that the leads of his Ghostbusters movie will be women. Then Disney released its trailer for Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney and featuring concept art by L.A. futurist Syd Mead, at New York’s Comic-Con.