Serial Sperm Donor From L.A. Will Soon Have 55 Children

Kyle Gordy, 30, of Malibu says he’s going on tour in the UK and Europe to donate his sperm free of charge

A private sperm donor, who will soon have 55 children, is setting out on a “donation tour” of the United Kingdom and Europe to help women get pregnant.

Kyle Gordy, 30, of Malibu is already father to 46 children, with nine more on the way, the Daily Mail reports.

“This is my second sperm donation tour to the UK and Europe,” he told the paper. “I’ve traveled from London all the way up to Edinburgh to donate. I’m now in Berlin waiting for a couple to get over COVID so I can donate my sperm to them.” He added that he hopes to visit Ireland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand in the near future.

Gordy invests in real estate, but spends most of his time donating his sperm, free of charge (except for the cost of travel), to women around the globe, according to the New York Times. He also runs a nearly 21,000-member private Facebook group, Sperm Donations USA, which connects women with a roster of hundreds of approved donors. His personal sperm donor website is called

Gordy has been donating his sperm for about eight years. His Instagram account is filled with photos of positive pregnancy tests and his travels.

So far, Gordy has visited Denmark, England, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, and Sweden to donate sperm. In the U.S., he’s provided donations to people in California, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas, Alaska, Seattle, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Hawaii, and North Carolina, according to the Daily Mail.

He makes the donations via artificial insemination using his sperm or through sexual intercourse, which he says accounts for about 10 percent of his donations.

“Some women prefer the old-fashioned way, because they don’t want to waste time and they feel it will be more effective,” he told the Daily Mail. “They will ask if we can just have sex, and I’ll tell them I’m up for it and we exchange STD tests.”

Thanks to Gordy’s donation back in August 2021, engaged couple, Kathryn, 26, and Alice, 25, of Cambridge are expecting a child.

“We were drawn to Kyle’s profile after a friend told us about him, and we saw posts of his positive pregnancies and beautiful donor children,” Alice told the Mail. “The fact that he has a history of successful pregnancies was very comforting to us.”

Kathryn, who is carrying their baby, said she preferred to use Gordy’s donation over sperm bank due to the personable nature of the arrangement and the heightened likelihood to become pregnant.

“Fresh sperm is more effective at achieving pregnancy than frozen sperm. We got pregnant the first cycle with Kyle and only had one donation,” she said.

“We had friends use banks and most ended up trying multiple cycles to get pregnant and some did not get pregnant at all,” Kathryn elaborated, “so the success rate of frozen sperm was a huge turn off. We enjoyed the fact we got to get to know him, and he was more than just a number on a vial. When we met up and after the insemination, we got to know Kyle more and really talk to him on a deeper level, which you cannot find at any sperm bank.”

In February, Gordy appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss his mission to help women get pregnant.

“In some ways, I’m kind of like Superman, Clark Kent,” he said. “I got my day job and at night, I put on my cape and become kind of like a superhero.”

He added, “I don’t charge for any of my services because it’s not about the money. It’s about helping them out with having a child.”

Gordy stays in contact with the families he’s helped get pregnant, and he’s met at least nine of his children in person. In fact, he manages a group chat dedicated to the mothers of his kids, who use the space to talk and exchange photos and videos of their children, who are all half-siblings, he said.

“We’re like a little modern family. It’s nice to see the mums speaking to each other and swapping photos,” he told the Mail.

Although Gordy has always wanted to be a father, he also never wanted to get into a serious relationship.

“I’ve had a few failed relationships but it is something I’m open to in the future with the right person,” he said. “’It will take someone special to accept me for what I do.”

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