See Father Gregory Boyle’s Autocorrect Fails-Inspired Thought of the Day

Who knew misspellings could be so motivational?

In addition to helping former gang members find jobs and establish crime-free lives, Homeboy Industries founder-director Father Gregory Boyle pops up on the organization’s YouTube channel to offer up some wisdom for the masses. In Wednesday’s “Thought of the Day” clip he riffed on the importance of finding sanctuary and the modern day evil (okay, social nuisance) that is autocorrect.

“Not long ago a Homie was asking for some help with his rent,” he says, “and I didn’t have any money, so I typed THINGS ARE TIGHT. And autocorrect sent him THONGS ARE TIGHT. He said ‘Sorry to hear that. What about my rent?’”

Autocorrect must be overcome! Can we get an Amen?