If You Care About Sustainability, Never Eat These 5 Fish

Here are the species to skip next time you’re shopping for seafood

Love sushi, but worried about the fate of our quickly-disappearing finned friends? The Environmental Defense Fund recommends passing on these popular species of fish.

Bluefin Tuna

Gary Whitley

A favorite of sushi chefs, bluefin grow and reproduce slowly, making them sensitive to overfishing. Substitute more plentiful albacore or yellowfin.

Atlantic Salmon

Gary Whitley

Wild Atlantic salmon can no longer be commercially fished, while traditional farmed salmon is plagued by parasites and disease, plus its unappetizing gray flesh has to be dyed orange.

Longline Mahi-Mahi

Gary Whitley

While the species is resilient and fast growing, imported mahi-mahi caught by longline produces significant bycatch, endangering less robust fish.

Atlantic Halibut

Gary Whitley

The Atlantic halibut population is so depleted that it can no longer be fished commercially in U.S. waters except as bycatch while fishing for other species.

Atlantic Sturgeon 

Gary Whitley

Almost all wild populations are severely depleted due to pollution, habitat degradation and overfishing, particularly as a source of caviar.

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