The Church of Scientology Assures Us That Its Cruise Ship Is Measles-Free

An outbreak at sea can really put a damper on a Caribbean cruise

Nearly two weeks after a measles outbreak was reported aboard Scientology’s Freewinds cruise ship in the Caribbean, everything is shipshape. In a statement, the church says that all passengers and crew have been cleared of possible measles infections, as of May 14. And, wouldn’t you know it, Scientologists are especially adept at containing viruses on the high seas.

“Freewinds protocols of safety and medical care, that exceed usual nautical standards, proved highly effective in containing the illness to one single case,” the statement reads. “Health authorities in Curacao have acknowledged the Freewinds for its strict isolation protocol, which effectively contained the illness to the single case and prevented it from spreading to any others, allowing officials to shorten the quarantine period.” (Italicized emphasis is theirs.)

Officials on the island nation of St. Lucia quarantined the 440-foot ship at the beginning of May after a female crew member was found to have measles. Roughly 300 people were reportedly aboard the ship. Those that had already been vaccinated were allowed to disembark a few days into the quarantine, while everyone else onboard was ordered to be vaccinated. On Monday, the last 28 people aboard the ship were finally cleared to disembark in its home port of Curacao.

According to the Scientology website, “Boarding the Freewinds for New OT VIII is the pinnacle of a deeply spiritual journey,” and the boat “is a very special place.”

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