Scene It Before: North Hollywood Park from Target’s “Say Anything…” Commercial

A new ad recreates John Cusack’s iconic boombox scene in the same NoHo spot where it was originally filmed

I absolutely love it when productions recreate iconic scenes from movies and television shows years after audiences experience them for the first time.  (The music video for Izzy Azalea’s “Fancy”, which pays homage to Clueless, is pure genius in my opinion.)  So when I caught the recent Target commercial (below) in which the boombox scene from the 1989 classic film Say Anything . . . was re-enacted, I practically swooned—especially since I had just written about where that famed moment took place for the July issue of Los Angeles magazine.


Upon closer inspection of the ad, I was excited to discover that the Target recreation was lensed in the exact spot where Cusack’s Lloyd Dobler stood 25 years ago in Say Anything . . .  For those who did not grow up during the decade that changed L.A. or somehow missed seeing Say Anything . . . , in that iconic scene, a lovelorn Lloyd stands outside of what is supposedly the home of the girl who broke his heart with a stereo blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” held high atop his head. Cusack was positioned nowhere near a residence during the shoot, but in North Hollywood Park near the southwest corner of Magnolia Blvd. and Tujunga Avenue.  (The 7-Eleven from the movie is located across the street at 11340 Magnolia Boulevard.)

In Target’s reenactment, a husband is shown standing in the park, serenading his wife in a similar manner. Instead of a boombox, however, he is hoisting a Target shopping basket filled with food and a Say Anything . . . DVD. 

North Hollywood Park, which encompasses a whopping 99 acres, boasts a library, tennis courts, a public pool, three baseball diamonds, a skate park, a recreation center, a children’s playground, and an impressive filming resume. Besides Say Anything . . . and the Target commercial, it is also where Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) rode his beloved bike at the beginning of 1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and where the Dunder Mifflin gang played softball in the Season 9 episode of The Office titled “Work Bus.”

Props to the commercial producers for shooting at the actual Say Anything . . . locale.  The ad was—forgive me—right on target.

Photos, from top: A screen capture from Say Anything . . ., a screen capture from the Target commercial, and a photograph of the location taken by Lindsay Blake in April 2012.

Lindsay Blake is an actress, writer, celebrity admirer and Los Angeles enthusiast who contributes to CityThink each Thursday. Her true love is filming locations, and she founded the Web site IAMNOTASTALKER in 2007 to document her vast findings on the subject. For more “stalking” fun, you can follow Lindsay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.