Scene It Before: Beso Hollywood from Gone Girl

The Eva Longoria-owned hot spot makes a brief appearance in the 2014 thriller, which was released on DVD this week

When I read Gillian Flynn’s massively popular novel Gone Girl shortly after it came out in 2012, I was mesmerized—until I got to the ending, that is, which let me down. So I was thrilled when Flynn announced plans to drastically change the story’s third act in her screenplay for the David Fincher-directed movie adaptation of the book, which premiered last October. Imagine my surprise when (spoiler alert!) the film’s ending matched that of the book’s pretty much verbatim. While the flick was enjoyable to watch, I felt like I had been let down twice as the credits rolled. Nevertheless, the movie’s locations did enthrall me, so I rushed right out to buy the DVD when it was released this week.

Ironically, I first heard about Gone Girl being filmed in the Los Angeles area while “stalking” Beso Hollywood, the upscale Latin steakhouse owned by Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and Iron Chef alum Todd English. I wanted to see the eatery, which is located at 6350 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, with my friend Mike because it appeared as snooty restaurant Claw in the 2010 romcom Date Night (“Claw, you’re welcome.”). While I snapped pictures of the place, the manager informed me that Gone Girl had done some shooting there, which shocked me. I had been under the impression that the thriller had been lensed entirety in Missouri. As I came to find out (and later wrote about for this Web site), quite a few scenes were shot right here in SoCal, the most memorable of which (for me, at least) took place at Beso Hollywood.

Photograph by Mike Flores

Photograph by Mike Flores

Beso is where Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) proposes to Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) during her parents’ Amazing Amy book party in a flashback scene. The restaurant’s dimly lit interior, with its immensely high ceilings, faux crocodile booths, shimmering crystal chandeliers, and curtained walls, provides a lush backdrop for Nick’s rather dramatic proposal.

Since opening in April 2008, Beso has been “cast” in several productions. The pilot for the now defunct 2013 series Mixology was shot inside the restaurant, which doubled as a Manhattan bar, Mix. Once the show was picked up, a replica of the interior was meticulously recreated on a soundstage for the filming of all subsequent episodes. Beso is also where Stephanie Pratt goes on a date with Doug Reinhardt in the Season 4 episode of The Hills titled “While Lauren’s Away.” The restaurant has popped up on New Girl twice. In the series’ pilot episode, it’s where Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is stood up and then later rescued by her “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”-singing roommates. And it is where Nick (Jake Johnson) takes Jess on a first date in the Season 2 episode aptly titled “First Date.” Beso also features as the interior of the “and Jeremy Piven” nightclub in the Season 4 episode of Arrested Development titled “Colony Collapse.”

Photograph by Mike Flores

Photograph by Mike Flores

Due to on-screen fame and real-life celebrity clientele, Beso can be hard to get into, so reservations are recommended. I haven’t eaten at the restaurant yet myself, but online reviews are very positive. But then again, so were those of Gone Girl.

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