Saturday, Unplugged


OK, so it might not be the smartest move to promote an event that would have you stepping away from the computer and your smart phone for any period of time, but if Google founder Sergey Brin can get behind the National Day of Unplugging, so can we.

Here’s the gist: Reboot, a New York group focused on updating Jewish traditions, created the National Day of Unplugging, which starts tonight, as a way of encouraging tech addicts of all faiths to better connect with the non-wired world around them. “This is a gentle and subtle reminder that it’s OK to check out,” said Courtney Holt, the president of MySpace Music and a Reboot board member.

And we agree. Just check back in on Monday, okay? And be sure to click on the Guide for things to do in the “real world” before you go. And finally, don’t forget that Los Angeles magazine is also available on newsstands. You know, the old-fashioned, free-standing kind.