Safety in Numbers: Highlights From L.A.’s 2012 Crime Report

And it’s positive!

Great news: Crime in L.A. has continued to drop for the tenth straight year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief Charlie Beck announced at a press conference today. Villaraigosa credited the decade of improvement to the 10,000 officers employed by the LAPD, citing higher crime rates in cities whose police forces had been cut. 

Over the course of 2012, crime was down a total of 1.4%, with violent crime dropping 8.2% and property crime increasing by 0.2%. 298 homicides occurred in 2012, only one more than occurred the previous year, though the single murder raised the homicide rate by 0.3%. Nevertheless, Villaraigosa and Beck were pleased: 298 homicides still falls below the city’s unofficial benchmark of 300.

Other drops in crime include robbery (down 11%), aggravated assaults (down 6.3%), and citywide shots fired (down 6.7%).  There were, however, some upsurges, including a 30% jump in cellphone theft and a 4.9% increase in rape. 

As for gang related crime, the LAPD has comprised the following table:


You can find a full explanation of L.A.’s 2012 crime snapshot on the LAPD’s website.