Rodeo Drive is Pinterest’s Most Used L.A. Place Pin

Sorry, Ace Hotel, you just missed the top 10

Nearly one year after Pinterest debuted its “place pins” tool, the inspiration and image sharing site/app/time magnet has localized data to share—specifically, which spots rule as L.A.’s “most pinned.” Rodeo Drive is in first place, with downtown Los Angeles (which it should be noted is not a place in the same sense as the others on this list), LACMA, Griffith Observatory, Grand Central Market, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the Daily Dose, J. Paul Getty Museum, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, and the Last Bookstore rounding out the top 10. Ace Hotel Los Angeles and Runyon Canyon came in 11th and 12th respectively. While the list, which only counts pictures with a “place pin” attached, reads somewhat like your typical tourist guide, it’s lovely to see two coffee shops and a brick-and-mortar bookstore pop up as well. It also makes sense. Now we know what everyone at the Daily Dose, Alfred, and the Last Bookstore are looking at on their phones.