Robin Williams: O.M. Victim #5?


I attended American Cinematheque’s Salute to Matt Damon with SEEN Queen Kari Mozena Saturday night, and the reports are true: The “mid-life achievement” celebration, to be aired in April on ABC, devolved from award show to roast even before guests like Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Don Cheadle, and Ben and Casey Affleck stepped off the red carpet. (Good luck, ABC poducers!)

This zinger, delivered by Robin Williams, sounded awfully like an admission to the condition tearing through Hollywood that our Cut! columnist Gina Piccalo describes in our Aril issue: “Thank you Matt for thinking of me as an actor big enough to get the picture made, and thank you for that Oscar moment—didn’t get me a lot of work after that, but thank you.”

He’s got Oscar Mortis!