River Tours: This Year’s Found L.A. Has a Watery Theme

Want to explore the L.A. River? Get your feet wet for free at L.A. Commons’ third annual neighborhood fest

For the third year in a row local non-profit L.A. Commons has programmed a day of free tours designed to get Angelenos out of their comfort zones and into unfamiliar neighborhoods. But there’s a twist: this year’s events are all focused on and set around the L.A. River, the city’s buzziest waterway and civil works project.

Sixteen different tours—each one to two-hours long and scheduled to begin between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on October 20—are currently listed on L.A. Commons’ event page. The one that we’d get up extra early for is a river walk with city councilman Tom LaBonge and the Village Gardeners, a group of volunteers that work to beautiful the riverside in Studio City and Sherman Oaks.  La Bonge’s famous enthusiasm will help wake you up—just be sure to wear comfy shoes so you can keep pace. As writer Steve Oney learned back in 2009, the city booster’s quite the experienced walker.