Rick Caruso Gifts Employees Google-Like Perks

The real estate developer is offering his corporate staff ”the gift of time”

Caruso Affiliated—the real estate giant behind the Grove and the Americana at Brand, to name a few developments—has upped its game when it comes to employee perks.

In October, the company announced the launch of “Corporate Concierge,” offering its 150 corporate employees services designed to give them more free time by eliminating lame chores—like grocery shopping, getting gas, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, planning vacations, planning parties, thinking of Christmas gift ideas, shopping, and making hotel or car rental reservations, etc. etc. etc. Employees won’t even have to go through the arduous process of picking out clothes, it seems, thanks to the availability of “wardrobe consultations by professional stylists.” No free gourmet buffets and snack bars, though… 

The advantages of the new perks are upheld by a study (commissioned by Caruso) that found most Americans think their work makes it difficult to keep up with “second shift” tasks—i.e. personal errands. According to the study, “Fifty-one percent of Americans spend more than four hours a week on the ‘second shift,'” and two-thirds of those surveyed say their work makes managing personal tasks and errands a challenge. Additionally, “Ninety-four percent of Americans use work time to deal with personal chores and issues.”

Now, if you work for Caruso, you won’t have to plan your next trip to Cancun on the sly between nine and five. Corporate Concierge will do it for you.

According to the company, employees won’t foot the bill for services, just for the products they receive. The perks are currently available to employees at the Caruso Affiliated corporate office located at the Grove and will be extended to employees of CBRE—the Fortune 300 company that will be the first tenant of the Masonic Temple when the development opens in January.

“I strongly believe in taking care of my employees and that I have a greater responsibility to enhance their overall quality of life,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Rick Caruso. “By providing these unique services, we are offering a transformational office experience and the gift of time. Time is the greatest luxury.”