Reports of a Golden Globes Return May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Hollywood trades can’t get their sources to agree if and when the awards will return to NBC—but “Sunday Night Football” moves for no one

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story on Tuesday that the embattled Golden Globe Awards, which did not air on its home network of NBC in 2022, is set for a big return in 2023. Hmm—really? Don’t break out that special occasion truffle popcorn just yet.

By this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that, in 2021, the Los Angeles Times revealed corruption, racial bias and unethical conduct on the part of the folks behind the Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The group traditionally gives out the shining orbs in early January, but didn’t broadcast this year because of some very bad blood. The scandal caused a large contingency of Hollywood publicists to publicly boycott the HFPA. And without their stars attending, the Golden Globes would hardly be “the party of the year,” as it was so often referred. It would also mean the HFPA could not get on film and tv junkets—where they conduct their interviews for papers all over the world.

But then the Hollywood Foreign Press spun into reform mode—adding 21 new members to their 87-count—six of them Black. And they recently announced that Todd Boehly and his Eldridge Industries, former owner of THR, who’d served as an interim CEO for a year, is now stepping up his leadership and splitting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association into two entities: a for-profit institution, and a separate nonprofit which would support philanthropic efforts—often a fine way of getting back into this town’s good graces.

THR’s sources claim that the reformed Globes will air once again on NBC on Tuesday, January 10, 2023—leaving their historical first-Sunday-in-January airdate to avoid conflict with New Year’s Day, not to mention the unthinkable: interfering with NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

And, clearly, the HFPA wants the Globes to air before their rivals, the Critics’ Choice Awards, which have already claimed January 15, 2023 as its airdate.

Back in 2018, NBC signed an eight-year deal to air the Globes for $60 million per year. Since then, there have been many stories about then-members of the Foreign Press distributing a lot of that money amongst themselves, using it for sumptuous trips (some paid for by the studios—a known conflict), even paying for some of their houses.

Neither NBC nor the Hollywood Foreign Press Agency gave a statement to THR, which would tend to imply that this GG airing situation is not settled after all.

THR reports that some Hollywood publicists have softened their stance, given HFPA’s reforms—but some haven’t.

Now, Deadline, another Hollywood trade media site (also owned by Jay Penske of Penske Media Corporation, THR‘s parent company), countered THR’s reporting, stating that the Globes are, in fact, “not a done deal,” according to their source.

This source claims there has been no definitive agreement as to when the Globes might air—but some might say it sounds like a coverup for the fact that no one’s nailed down whether or not Hollywood’s powerful celeb PR agents—or the Publicist’s Guild which represents them—will let their stars to attend.

LAMag’s call to the Publicist’s Guild, which reps most Hollywood PR’s, did not get back to us by press time.

No stars—in glittery gowns, brocade tuxes and glasses filled with sparkling bubbly—equals no audience and no ratings. Which means forget the popcorn. For now.

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