‘Questionable Activity’ Closes Sixth Street Bridge for 3rd Straight Night

After two previous closures, LAPD tweeted that the bridge would be shut once again due to the late night antics that have made it famous

L.A.’s newest sensation, the $588 million Sixth Street Aqueduct, was shut down for the third consecutive night on Sunday. Around 7:20 p.m., the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that the bridge would not be open due to “questionable activity.”

The first closure was due to a significant traffic collision, in which a pickup truck parked illegally was hit by another vehicle. However, the second closure spun the bridge into further controversy, as police say it was closed due to illegal activity and people looking to gather social media attention.

“Unfortunately, we’ve entered another evening where the 6th St Viaduct had to be closed due to illegal activity,” the LAPD tweeted. “The day began with community residents holding signs in the middle of the bridge to “RESPECT THE BRIDGE.” Let’s listen!”

The bridge was already getting side-eye from many Angelenos, as it has become an all-out arena for the city’s nocturnal thrill seekers. Stunt skaters, trick bikers, and climbers have made the half-billion-dollar roadway their playground since it opened earlier this month.

“This is the first bridge built in the Instagram era in L.A.,” Eastside Councilman Kevin De Leon told the Los Angeles Times last week. “And as we’ve seen, people will do anything in the pursuit of virality.”

Residents are now calling for middle dividers and increased monitoring of the bridge. Police have promised to make watching over the structure a higher priority and fencing was added around some parts of the bridge on Saturday.

It has since reopened.


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