#PresidentPelosi Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump’s Latest Press Conference

People have the presidential line of succession on the brain

The news that Nancy Pelosi and fellow House Dems would be launching a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump has already produced its share of trending Twitter hashtags—#ImpeachTheMF, among them.

Now that Trump has invited reporters to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to release his own Ukraine phone conversations (President Throw-Them-Under-the-Bus strikes again), a new damning political hashtag has emerged. We’re not saying there’s anything incriminating there—but clearly the Twitterati are excited by the notion of Pence being sold down the river by his boss.

No sooner had Trump ended his Wednesday press conference—with Ukraine’s President Zelensky, of all people—than the hashtag #PresidentPelosi started to trend. And it’s picking up steam. For those who skipped American government class in high school, the Speaker of the House is second in line for the presidency behind the VP; and despite Trump’s declaration that “Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, she’s no longer the Speaker of the House,” if Pence goes down, she’s Madame President.


Gotta wonder what Biden, Warren, and Sanders think about this. No doubt, they’ll be asked soon.

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