Postscript: Tough Sell


When we recently heard a rumor that Cynthia Abernethy, the estate sale maven writer-at-large Dave Gardetta profiles in the May issue of Los Angeles magazine, was fielding reality show offers as a result of our coverage, Gardetta went back to the source to find out if it was true—and the time and channel info we’d be needing to program our TiVos, if so.

Here’s what Abernethy said:

“I have had over a dozen phone calls from producers including one today. I have had over a dozen emails, one today too. 90% are looking for some one to make them rich and famous with a reality show. I did let one producer who is looking at a scripted show with real actors come by my set up last week. Oprah’s people also called. I may talk to them, but I think my style is a bit harsh for her image. My mother and several other relatives are not speaking to me, and Gilda’s husband is looking for you.”

We now know not to tell you exactly where Gardetta is, but hope you’ll tell us what you think, regardless. Would you watch an Abernethy reality show?