Nancy Pelosi Cancels House Summer Break to Address the Postal Service Situation

Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will reportedly testify before the House on Monday, August 24

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday night that she and fellow Democratic leaders are calling the House back into session this week to defend what they say is Donald Trump’s attack on the U.S. Postal Service.

“Alarmingly, across the nation, we see the devastating effects of the President’s campaign to sabotage the election by manipulating the Postal Service to disenfranchise voters,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to fellow Democratic Representatives.

“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, one of the top Trump mega-donors, has proven a complicit crony as he continues to push forward sweeping new operational changes that degrade postal service, delay the mail, and—according to the Postal Service itself—threaten to deny the ability of eligible Americans to cast their votes through the mail in the upcoming elections in a timely fashion.”

Democrats believe that Trump and DeJoy are using the COVID-19 crisis as a ploy to enact changes to USPS operations—such as cutbacks on overtime and restricting certain deliveries—to cause backlogs and delays because Trump fears mail-in ballots will guarantee his loss in the November 3 election.

Though the House was not scheduled to reconvene until September 14, it is now expected to vote on the “Delivering for America Act” as early as this Saturday, Politico reports. The bill, Pelosi wrote, “prohibits the Postal Service from implementing any changes to operations or level of service it had in place on January 1, 2020.”

House Minority Leader, San Joaquin Valley Rep. Kevin McCarthy, says Democrats are using the Postal Service’s debacle to distract attention from their failure to strike a deal with the White House on a new COVID-19 relief package.

“Republicans are 100 percent committed to ensuring a fair and accurate election. Whether Americans choose to vote in-person—which Doctor Fauci has stated will be safe—or vote absentee, I have complete confidence in the integrity of our electoral process,” McCarthy said in a statement. “House Democrats are simply attempting to distract from the fact their ridiculous demands are dragging down the American recovery and adding more uncertainty to people’s livelihoods.”

Democrats in both chambers of Congress have already demanded that DeJoy and his underlings provide documents explaining DeJoy had implemented the sweeping changes and offered conflicting information on the timeline for mail-in ballots. According to sources, DeJoy has agreed to testify before an emergency committee on Monday, August 24. Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper and others had said that DeJoy should be arrested if he ignored a subpoena to testify.

On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he and his fellow Democratic senators will “demand that the Postal Board of Governors immediately reverse the changes made by Trump megadonor turned Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, that have degraded and delayed Postal Service operations.”

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