Port Police Found 424 Pounds of Cocaine Stashed with Some Tires on a Ship from South America Over the Weekend


Colorful beach balls weren’t the only surprises to pop up in L.A.’s waters over the weekend. At the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found and seized 170 brick-sized packages holding more than 424 pounds of cocaine. The bricks were concealed in a shipment of tires that originated in South America. Officials estimate the lot of cocaine would run a pre-redemption Ray Velcoro around $8 million.

Officers made the narcotics bust—said to be one of the most significant at the port in recent years—with the help of NII technology, which is like an X-ray that’s used to inspect cargo. Intrigued? Read more about the port and its police in writer Mike Kessler’s May feature, “Going Deep with the 25-Man Dive Patrol Keeping the Port of L.A. Secure.”