Popular Demand Takes a Potshot at St. Louis with Their L.A. Rams Billboard

The clothing brand has #NoApologies

When the NFL announced earlier this year that the St. Louis Rams would be bailing on The Gateway City and heading to  L.A., Angelenos gained a ninth major league professional sports team. Missourians, on the other hand, have two: the Cardinals and Blues. Now, the L.A.-based clothing brand Popular Demand is adding some coarse Maldon Sea Salt flakes to the wound with a cheeky billboard celebrating the Rams’ West Coast homecoming:

Although the sign—located at the corner of Highland and Franklin Avenues—has no affiliation with the Rams franchise, Popular Demand’s Instagram post specifically welcomed their “homies,” Rams players Todd Gurley, Trumaine Johnson, and Tavon Austin, to L.A.

The billboard certainly falls in line with the company’s brand, which prides itself on being “bold, loud, and unapologetic.” (Hence the #NoApologies hashtag.) In November 2015, Popular Demand commanded attention with their first-ever billboard, which featured Ty Dolla $ign surrounded by topless models.

Company founder and CEO Blake Ricciardi captioned this latest photo, acknowledging that the advertisement may not go over too well in Missouri. “I can’t imagine St. Louis is going to be too happy with this one, but we love our city.”

Needless to say, the the company got some serious backlash on social media. But look on the bright side, St. Louis: You’ve still got Nelly and the St. Lunatics.