Political Digs: Eric Garcetti is Renting Out His Silver Lake Home for $8,500 a Month


Remember that time we gave you the guidelines for living life on a budget in L.A.? Well, if you’ve managed to save up enough, maybe it’s time to break open the piggy bank and treat yourself—might we suggest moving into Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house?

As of Monday, the mayoral mansion in Silver Lake has been listed on The MLS at the modest price of $8,500 per month. Though the advert for the 4,000 square foot, 5-bedroom abode doesn’t publicize its connection to the mayor, it does mention “gorgeous lake views,” “dreamy sunsets,” and ways in which future tenents might utilize the extra space (individualize your lifestyle! For your au pair! Perfect for in-laws or assistants!)

So, if you dream of living the executive life, check out the fancy fortress and put in your application.