Police Discovered More Than 1200 Guns and Two Tons of Ammo in a Pacific Palisades Home Over the Weekend

Detective Chris Gable, who’s working the case, explains

Officers who responded to a call reporting a possible deceased person in the back of a car in the 1700 block of Palisades Drive on Friday evening discovered a body—and then some; A visit to the deceased man’s residence on the same street turned up more than 1200 firearms and a quantity of ammunition estimated at two tons. To put that figure into perspective, 746 firearms were netted by the LAPD’s gun buyback program in May. The recovered collection, which included riffles and shotguns, was removed from the residence and booked with the police department’s property division. Now the Detective Bureau’s Gun Detail is looking into the legality of each firearm.

Officials have yet to name the male adult who died, but Robbery-Homicide Division detective Chris Gable, who’s working the case, spoke to us about finding the “very large” cache of weapons.

He says he’s only ever seen such a large collection of guns and ammo in the military, that firearms were discovered in most rooms in the Pacific Palisades house, and that it took around 10 hours for the property to be removed—by hand. Despite the True Detective-esque twist to his weekend plans, he remained nonplussed: “I wouldn’t say I was surprised,” he says, “It was a discovery.”