Podcast Preview: The Story of Hollywood’s Own Storyteller


You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is a weekly podcast series produced by Kim Cooper and Richard Schave in which the Esotouric founders talk with L.A. personalities about the city’s myths, contradictions, and inspirations.

This week, Kim and Richard unearth the momeries of the past while chatting with historian Phillip Mershan, who hosts a 90-minute Sunset Boulevard entertainment history walking tour. Throughout the clip, Marshan expresses the joy and inspiration he finds in his career as a Hollywood tour guide, or he calls it, a storyteller. “I know this stuff, and I feel like those of us who know these stories, the onus is on us to keep passing them on, or they’re going to get lost,” he says. “…African tribes have a storyteller who keeps their culture alive. I feel like that’s sort of my job.” 

In this exclusive clip, the two also chat with Myllie Taylor, a witty, fiery woman who grew up in historically diverse Boyle Heights. Listen on to learn more…

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To hear the entire episode, click here.

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