Podcast Preview: The Future of L.A.’s Public Spaces


You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is a weekly podcast series produced by Kim Cooper and Richard Schave in which the Esotouric founders talk with L.A. personalities about the city’s myths, contradictions, and inspirations.

This week, Kim and Richard jabber with Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Urban Planning Professor and Associate Dean at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, who is very much interested in planning for public spaces seeing as they have a (wonderful) habit of bringing people together. “These are the spaces that really make cities urban, that people of different walks of life can meet, can do things,” she explains. “It also goes against some of the trends of the 20th century that have become very much towards the privitization of life. Everyone is in their own private house, private cars…[they don’t] interact…with other human beings.”

In this exclusive clip, the two also chat with Anna Pehoushek, Principal City Planner for the City of Orange, who delves into the development of Orange County and how historic preservation comes into play within her position. Listen on to learn more…

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To hear the entire episode, click here.

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