Podcast Preview: L.A.’s Original Urban Plan Did Not Include Traffic

An exclusive look at how transportation was supposed to be

You Can’t Eat the Sunshine is a weekly podcast series produced by Kim Cooper and Richard Schave in which the Esotouric founders talk with L.A. personalities about the city’s myths, contradictions, and inspirations.

This week, Richard and Kim discuss the viral petition to restore Pershing Square. They also chat with Emma Roberts, a Rare Books Librarian, who divulges how a team of manuscript detectives tackled the mysterious treasures of the Los Angeles Public Library.

In this exclusive clip, Richard and Kim sit down with Ken Bernstein, Head of the Office of Historic Resources for the City of Los Angeles, whose insights into Los Angeles’ traffic problem might surprise you: at its inception, L.A. was meant to develop around public transit, not the automobile. According to Bernstein, the Pacific Electric Building on Main Street was supposed to be the center of downtown, where all trains and buses would reach the end of the line.

We find this both fascinating and frustrating, seeing as it will take some of us up to two hours to get home…in our automobiles.

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To hear the entire episode, click here.

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