Treat Yourself to a Physically Distant Viewing of Tonight’s Pink Supermoon

Take a break from your regularly scheduled quarantine programming to see the biggest, brightest moon of the year

As we continue to keep our physical distance from one another, Tuesday night’s full moon is getting as close to earth as it will all year long at a mere 221,855 miles away.

The perigee-syzygy, aka the pink supermoon, will make an appearance at moonrise tonight and is expected to be the biggest and most brilliant moon of the year.

Called a “pink” moon, it will actually appear golden or yellowish and fade to white as the night progresses. It’ll be at the peak of its beauty shortly after sunset on the West Coast (or 10:35 EDT).

As Noah Petro of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland told the L.A. Times, “Use this as an opportunity to not physically distance yourself, but emotionally connect with something that is physically far from us.” Of course, if you can’t go outside to view it without encountering a crowd, it’ll look plenty beautiful from one of your windows.

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