People Who Aren’t Up Early to Work Out Aren’t Into the Fitness Classes Being Held in Silver Lake Meadow

A gripe over the commercial use of public green space, which began in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park last year, has made its way across the city

“It’s like living in a 24 Hour Fitness.” That’s what Santa Monica resident Gloria Keeling told Andrea Richards about the influx of yoga mats, TRX straps, and fitness hounds setting up shop in the park across from her apartment last year. Keeling wasn’t the only local concerned with the fairness and safety risks of trainers holding workout classes—for profit—in Palisades Park. In response to those critics, the Santa Monica city council voted last October to regulate (and gain revenue from) workout instruction in public space.

Now it seems that Silver Lake is headed down the same path. Eastsider L.A. reports residents who live near Silver Lake Meadow are fed up with hearing early morning fitness classes in the park. An ordinance that would allow the city to regulate businesses that set up there is narrowly supported by the Arts, Parks Health, Aging & River Committee and is set to go before the City Council next.

However officials vote, for the moment there’s one shared belief with the power to bridge the East/West L.A. divide: People in eyesight and earshot who are more devoted to fitness than you are the worst.