Thousands of Peaceful Protesters March Through Hollywood and DTLA

Simultaneous marches across the region brought out what are thought to be the largest crowds yet on the fourth day of anti police-brutality protests

Crowds took to L.A. streets early on Tuesday afternoon for what are believed to be the largest marches yet in four days of protests against racism and police brutality. The largest group, estimated by ABC 7 to number around 10,000, was at the Hollywood protest. Another large group assembled in downtown, and others gathered in Venice, Monrovia, Brea, Manhattan Beach, Northridge, and other SoCal communities. While the crowds were large and law enforcement presence was extensive, after hours and miles of marching, the day was free of reports of altercations with police or any other disruptions until nearly 3 p.m.

In late afternoon, police in Hollywood appeared to advance on protesters, establishing “skirmish lines” and taking more aggressive postures. As reporters scrambled to try to determine the cause of the change in tone, one group of less than 30 protesters were splintered off on a side street, while the main march held still, with many protesters kneeling at the police line awaiting instructions about where the march would be allowed to continue.

After several tense minutes, a protest organizer identified as Five, who had been in communication with the LAPD, spoke to the group. “We are not with the bullshit today,” she told the crowd, “We are here for equal rights.” She facilitated a way for groups of protesters separated by an intersection to join back up into a unified group.

Here is what Angelenos attending these events have been sharing on social media, from their on-the-ground perspective.




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