Parking Garages Offer the Best Views of L.A.

When finding a spot means circling round and round, the payoff sure is pretty

It makes some sense that in a driving-obsessed place like Los Angeles some of the coolest views are reserved for cars. Walking in the hills is where it becomes most apparent: The carports that cling to the cantilevered homes often afford panoramic vistas for the SUVs parked inside. But there’s no better place to see L.A.’s sprawl than the parking garages which dot the city, in which vehicles in search of a place to stop spiral up to dramatic, open-air 360-views. (This is why the parking structure of the Grove is the best place to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.) During a recent trip to the downtown Flower Market I was captivated by the bright morning sun as it hit a particularly colorful cluster of buildings, something I noticed from atop the mart’s garage. Sometimes the spots where cars are intended to go provide the best rewards for the walkers who dare to climb.


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