Russiagate Convict George Papadopoulos Is at the Center of a Twitter War Between His Wife and Mom

The former Trump advisor and recent L.A. transplant might want to sit this one out

Just five months out of prison for lying to the FBI about his Russian connections, former Trump fixer George Papadopoulos has found himself in a fresh new hell as a Twitter feud erupts between his wife, Simona, and his mother, Kiki. Much like Trump spokeswomen Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, regularly takes to Twitter to say the president is losing his mind, Kiki’s made a habit of tweeting that Simona—an Italian lawyer who moved to L.A. with her husband last year to pursue a career in acting and modeling—is trashy, and a bit loose.

“U told me u left ur home at 18 years I asked why u told me because u wanted to date men and ur dad did not let u and u did not get along with ur dad,” she posted yesterday.

Moments later, she further vented, “Simona u have 3 large suitcases u left in my apt and said those suitcases are over 300,000 all my money inside wereunworn [sic] boots shoes and purses top of the line name brand Prada and so on …who gave those we will use our imagination.”

Simona, for her part, saves most of her anger for her husband, who’s done little to defend her. “Me and my family are profoundly ashamed of @KPapadopouloss hateful lies puntually [sic] debunked by facts,” she wrote Saturday. “I can’t relate to the indecency of her public defamation. @GeorgePapa19 it’s probably time to take care of this blutant [sic] attacks against your wife who stood up for you against all.”

That day she also tweeted, “I wish my lovely husband would stand up for me against these atrocious allegations from his own mother […] I fought a government for him but he lets his mother calling me a street girl publically [sic].”

The public furor is just one way in which the Papadopoulos’s new life in L.A. is starting to resemble a Coen Brothers movie. As the Washington Post reports, George is considering running for congress and working for a legal cannabis company. The couple are also the subject of an upcoming docuseries, and frequent Soho House West Hollywood with their new buddy, Tom Arnold.

The ubiquitous Arnold is Team Simona all the way. “Your kid was in prison driving distance from your home. I’m sure you feel shame you didn’t visit him,” he tweeted on May 24. “@simonamangiante was amazing to @GeorgePapa19 during this time. It was traumatizing for them. Especially your son. You owe Simona gratitude & respect. Stop this.”

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